Monday, June 17, 2013

Rain, rain

We've had quite a spectacular amount of rain in the past week, mostly in the form of relentless torrential  day-and-night downpours over the weekend. I was very happy not to be at the outdoor show in Regina on Saturday that I often attend. Apparently it was somewhat less appalling there for rain, but they did have wind, worse than rain for outdoor art shows as far as I am concerned. My next (and last for this year ) outdoor show is coming up this Saturday, June 22nd, and it would be nice to have good weather for at least one of my outdoor shows this year. It's the Broadway Art Fest, and we artists will be set up on the street on Broadway between 8th and 10th Streets. Come by and have a look if you can. I am booked for several other show/sales later in the year, but they will be indoors. That takes some of the stress out of them, although with the pre-Christmas shows traffic-stopping blizzards are always an option. It's never a good idea to assume anything around here. The Saskatchewan Craft Council will be launching their new members' sales Boutique on June 22nd as well, and I'll have a number of items there on an ongoing basis. 

The raven/crow battles for supremacy of the air continue intermittently in our neighbourhood. If I'm lucky, I can get out into the back yard with the camera while they are still in view during these skirmishes. They move very fast and can cover a lot of territory extremely quickly. I caught this interaction last week with a rather tattered crow (on left) going after the raven on the right. And yes, this image is right way up. The raven was upside down at the moment I caught this shot. It was an evasive action just ahead of the crow's attempt at physical contact, which came a few seconds later. Ravens are bigger, but the crows have the advantage of determination, and usually numbers, so they are often victorious in chasing the ravens away. 

I am fond of the colour red, and when I saw this hanging basket at Costco a couple of weeks ago, it was so cheerful I had to buy it. I can see it from my reading chair if I glance sideways out the window, and it gives me quiet pleasure every day just enjoying the strong colours, textures and shapes.

Grunting pig dog toys came to my attention a month or so back via the Boxer Rescue Facebook pages that I follow. Since many other Boxers seemed to love their pigs, I felt I needed to get one for Rony. He  has so cherished and loved his original pig (the turquoise one) that I felt I should get a couple of back-up pigs in case of mishap to the original. Rony likes to keep his pig family all together and comfy, as can be seen in photo three.

Shot four demonstrates the kind of conditions we saw much of last week and through the weekend. This shot shows the road I travel daily to the stables where my horse lives. With the weekend's downpour it got a lot worse than this, although by today there has been a fair amount of drying.

As I was driving up to the barn a few days ago I could see two odd lumps sticking out of the long grass and dandelion puffs. Once I got close enough to make out details, I realized it was the barn cats lounging in the sun. The one on the right has been around for a number of years, and the fellow on the left is relatively new, having started his career at the barn as a feral stray who now appreciates the advantages of having a regular food source and a roof over his head.

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