Monday, April 29, 2013

It's a Saskatchewan thing

The end of April is nigh, and we in Saskatchewan continue to moan and groan about the lack of spring, although Saturday, the warmest day we've seen since last October, made a nice stab at it. Sadly, it was an isolated event and we are back to cold, wet and windy, at least where I am. In the course of the day while listening to the radio, I have heard reports of prairie grass fires, washed out roads, flooding, snowfall, and the possibility of heavy thunderstorms, depending on what part of the province you are in. It's a Saskatchewan thing. This is a big province and just because it's dry and on fire in one part doesn't mean another area will be spared a heavy snowfall on the same day. 

Our resident sparrows are carrying on as if everything was all right and are staking out their territory in the various birdhouses around our yard. This one is popular as while it is somewhat lacking in paint, it is nicely situated right by the feeding station and our small pond, so it has a lot of convenient amenities close at hand. 

Shot two illustrates some of the flooding potential with the melting of the big snow pack. This is Ebon Stables on Saturday. My last trip out prior to that was a few days before, when there was no water at all to be seen in this area. We're actually lucky to be having cool temperatures just now as it helps slow down the melt and keeps the water levels from being even worse.

The young Warmbloods down the hill from Ebon are making forays out into the pasture, another sign of the changing seasons, as they have been sticking close to their hay and shelters in the farmyard all winter. Soon enough ( I hope) they'll be finding some new bits of grass to feast on.

We've made a start at yard cleanup now that much of the snow has gone. We didn't get the place prepped for winter very well last fall as the snow came early and stayed, catching us by surprise. The front yard gargoyle seems willing to do his bit to get the "sidewalk cafe" area sorted out.

More water. This is the employee parking lot of a business on the road to the stables. Guess rubber boots would be pretty essential workwear these days, if only to get from the parking area to the buildings.

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