Monday, March 4, 2013

Signing off for the moment--

It seems the ghosts in the machine that wouldn't let me load my images last week have relented, so this week we resume regular programming with the usual photo-based format. I'm in the final phases of preparation to head to the hospital tomorrow for my hip replacement surgery, so I won't likely be posting here for a few weeks. There are a *lot*of stairs involved in me getting to the studio and computer, and it will take a bit of time for me to get to that stage. By then, though, I'll be in the "steadily getting better day by day" stage rather than the deterioration I've been living with for the past months and years.

Shots one and two are from last week's unposted collection. Rony (new dog) and I went up to Innovation Place on the north end of the University campus last weekend. This shot was taken there at what is the water gardens in the summer, now serving as a wonderful skating rink for club members of the facility. If you look on the left, you can see that there is even a small white dog enjoying the activity. There were many people by the building on the right (hidden in this shot) feasting on an outdoor barbecue lunch---it smelled delicious. 

Shot two is also from last week's lineup. The cedar waxwings are touring this side of the city checking out the berry trees. I caught these ones as they rested in the sun at the top of the neighbour's very tall spruce. I was shooting pretty well straight vertically, so the angle is a little extreme.

On to the more current images--this is a detail of a wonderfully sculpted drift on the east side of the Ebon stables grid road. When we get a lot of wind and drifting snow, as we have had almost weekly for the last few months, we get these nice formations that are fun to photograph.

Here's my boy Alpac, taken a few days ago when I had him out for a run and a roll in the large turnout. Given how animated he was in his stall when I got to the barn that day, I was expecting a lot of action for me to photograph, but in the end he didn't do a whole lot. There's always more action when he is out with his friend Dubie and they get into competitive running mode. Once I get over my hip surgery I will be able to look forward to riding again, and without the pain I have experienced over many years. Neither Alpac nor I are getting any younger, so it will definitely be time to get going again once I am sound. 

This is one of our orchids that has come into bloom. It caught my eye a few days ago as the early morning sun outlined the edges. I'm still trying to figure out the new camera and making some progress, and this shot is the result of part of that learning process.

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