Monday, February 25, 2013

Maybe not

I'm nothing if not persistent, but at the same time I can (eventually) take a hint. Having tried and failed to load today's photos about four or five times over the last couple of hours, I am officially giving up. I don't know if it's the blog network being difficult or my computer acting up, but I'm not inclined to keep trying and having everything seize up on me.

I'll give this another shot for next week's post, then that will be it for a while as I will be having my hip replacement surgery on March 5 (finally!!) and won't be able to handle all the stairs to get to the studio and the computer for a while after that. Take care, and see you next week.


Karen Thumm said...

Good luck with your surgery, Judy! Let us know how it went.

Bernie said...

Dont' you just hate when you lose all that work!! Drives me nuts. I do look forward to your pictures as you have such a fabulous eye.
Good luck with your surgery. Who is doing it? It is a bit of a recovery period but I'm sure you will be motivated and do well.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Just in case you aren't back next week I haope eveything goes well with your op. Come back a bionic woman :)