Monday, February 4, 2013

Endings and beginnings

The year I knew was in my future has pretty well come to pass as of last week. At one point I realized that with two littermate brother dogs and one elderly cat, all aging at the same rate, I was going to be in for a bad spell of losses. I lost the dogs to old age and illness in January and April of last year, and last week we said farewell to the ancient kitty, who was into her 23rd year. To add to the losses and sadness, we reluctantly had our adult re-homed dog, acquired last March, put down this January due to serious episodes of mental instability and aggression. It's all been pretty hard to take. For the first time since the late 1960s, our house is without dog and/or cat companions. However, things seem to be turning around now with the anticipated arrival of our next dog, an adult rescue sourced through Boxer Rescue Canada. He sounds just right for us, and is en route from his foster home in northern Alberta, due to arrive here tomorrow evening. I've got everything in readiness for his arrival, and can hardly wait to meet him. The take-away I've learned from the re-homed dog is that when you are getting a dog from an owner that wants to get rid of it, you don't necessarily get the whole story as to what the dog is like. After all, they want the dog out of their life, and there's usually a reason. A reputable rescue will have had the adoptable dogs in experienced foster homes, and your chances of knowing what you are getting, and getting the right dog for your situation, are much better. Lesson taken. 

Shot one shows the dear departed Scout when she was about fifteen. I always thought of her as my little flower-face cat as she was so pretty. 

We've had quite a lot of wind and snow in the last few weeks, and the drifts take on nice sharp sculpted shapes under these circumstances. These are just north of the jumper ring at Ebon stables.

Shot three shows a typical country scene in Saskatchewan these days. At least there was sun the day I took this shot so there were shadows and a bit of contrast. Today I went about an hour north of the city to do a stallion shoot and the light was so flat that it was almost impossible to tell where the side roads were. It can be really easy to drive into the ditch in those conditions as you just can't see where the edge of the road ends and the ditch or fields begin.

This is a minimalist landscape taken on the way home from this afternoon's shoot. Not much to be seen.

I got playing with this shot, taken a number of years ago, of the RCMP Musical Ride. I used a weird Photoshop filter effect that I had never tried before, and quite like the result, odd though it is.


marianne said...

the house is too quiet without animals. we have 2 breeder take back dogs- echo the bouve and molly, both of whom were with owners who just couldn't care for them anymore. i thank both previous owners regularly (mentally) for knowing what was best for the dogs and letting them go. we are tickled with both and they seem happy. doing our first foster and she is a revelation. she is quite ill but is so pleased to be loved and safe and warm. a good rescue group does make sure that the dog and the home fit and i have high hopes for your new family member. can't wait to see the photos!

Verna G said...

MY sympathy! We lasted a couple of months with no animals and then got two beautiful cats from SPCA. Enjoy your dog but do think about giving a cat a forever home too.

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

Beautiful snow drifts!! : )