Monday, January 7, 2013

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

It seems to have been a week of horse or horse related shots when I look back on it. The weather has stayed moderate for the time of year, with temps in the single digits Celsius that have allowed for some outdoor shots that didn't involve me staying in the car, as tends to be the case when it's really cold.

Shot one shows part of the gelding herd at Ebon chowing down at the round bale feeder, and steaming slightly in the late afternoon light. 

My friend Ed's grandchildren were in town over the Christmas and New Year's break. Last year we all trooped out to North Fork Gypsy Cobs north of the city for the kids to meet the horses. They were keen for another visit this year, so we made it out later in the week. I love getting shots of the children interacting with the horses, so am always happy to go along with the camera. It was a tad brisk as there was a bit of a wind, but it was nothing like the bitter cold we experienced at last year's visit. Sadly, this will likely be our last group outing, as North Fork is for sale, along with much of the herd. Sniff.

Shot two shows three of this year's babies, cuddling up in the pasture to check out the visitors. The two whose faces we can see were scoping us out from the shelter of brother's back end.

Shot three shows little Ella, rosy of cheek, framed by two of the brood mares who were checking her out.

The farm dogs at North Fork are always happy to see visitors, and can usually convince at least one of the visitors to spend some time throwing a stick or their ball. I think they would do this until they fell over from exhaustion if they had the chance. 

I spotted this cute herd on the way home from North Fork. There were a number of other minis farther over to the right that I couldn't fit into the shot. I liked this grouping for the mixture of sizes and coloration, all decked out in their winter furs.


Bernie said...

Love the photo with the two colts and especially the one iwth the little girl. Your depth in framing the picture and the colors you can bring out are all amazing.
Thanks for sharing.

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

: O

YOU take THE most AMAZING animal photos EVER.

yes... I feel passionate about this : )

~Monika : )