Monday, January 28, 2013


The alternating cycle of "darn cold but sunny" and "less cold but very overcast and grey" continues on. We've been in one of the latter modes for the past few days, with temperatures not too far below the freezing point, but tomorrow we're apparently heading back to the low minus 20s for a bit. Guess the out of town stallion shoot I'm supposed to be doing will have to wait for the next swing in the cycle.

Shot one indicates that it's also been a pretty big snow year for around here. This shows one of the many parking lot piles in a shopping mall on the south end of the city. I'm already starting to contemplate the effects of the spring melt with some dread. 

Saturday was an exciting day at Ebon stables, with the arrival of three new horses to join the Ebon family. These ones have come a long way,being recent imports from Holland and the Czech Republic. They had a long flight from northern Europe to Calgary where they spent their quarantine time, then an eight hour trailer ride from Calgary to Saskatoon. I'm sure they'll be happy to settle in and get to stay in one place for more than a few weeks at a time. I'm always amazed at how accepting horses are of these major life disruptions. Another thing that surprises me is that a number of Saskatchewan riders have found it more cost effective to source the horses they want from Europe rather than from elsewhere in Canada. Yet another sign of our strong economy relative to some other places, I guess.

Since Saturday was one of the "warmer" days of last week, quite a few of us took the chance to take off the winter blankets and turn our horses out for a run in the big pen. Alpac enjoyed a little outing, followed by a couple of others belonging to friends. Shot two shows Geo, who I have never before photographed running loose. He is a great subject, being lively and very expressive. I've got a lot of good shots of him in action that will translate nicely into art works.

As the afternoon was drawing to a close, the trailer with the incoming horses pulled in, much to the excitement of all concerned. Shot four shows part of the welcoming crowd waiting to greet the newcomers. Most in this shot are the new owners and family members, all eagerly anticipating the first glimpse of their new horses.

This is the one horse that still had a way to go before he reached his new home. He was carrying on to his final destination another six hours down the road, but he got to leave the trailer to stretch his legs for a bit (I'm sure the driver was happy for that chance as well) and have some hay and water in an available box stall before resuming his journey.

I had another sighting of my young snowy owl friend while en route to the stables a few days ago. I was able to line him up with one of the sundogs that were in the sky that day, which made for a nice colourful background as he perched on the telephone pole.

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