Monday, January 14, 2013

Another good-bye

It was a difficult time around our house last week. With great reluctance, and only after a lot of soul-searching and advice and support from our trusted veterinarian and my dog "guru" of many years, we had our dog Toby put down. I'm not going to go into details, but suffice it to say there was a mental instability issue that made him dangerous to keep. He only came into our lives a short ten months ago at age seven, and despite the challenges he presented, there were many positives to having him. My only comfort at this stage of the game is that he had a good last year living with us, and is now free from his demons. No photos of him today, I'm not ready to go there. 

Big storms in the south of the province last week, and while I enjoy a good blizzard every now and then, I'm glad we missed the main event. Shot one shows the strong winds and limited visibility I encountered en route to the barn one day, but this is nothing compared to the areas to the south of us where highways were totally closed down, vehicles were in the ditches, and life came to a standstill for a while.

 I've spotted this porcupine way up high a couple of times in the last few weeks on my daily trips to the stables. Porcupines are fairly large and hefty, and I'm always a bit surprised at their ability to get up that high safely. They are also quite slow moving and deliberate, so once they get up top, they tend to take their time and stay there browsing on the more tender bark of the top branches for quite a while.


Here's what a baby porcupine looks like. This is Rosie, an orphan that was raised by my friend who runs a local wildlife rehabilitation program. She reared him to the point where he could manage on his own in the wild, then he was released into the safest and most optimal habitat she could find. Whenever I see an adult porcupine I always think back to this sweet little fellow and how darn cute he was, and hope that he has made his way into adulthood and independence without incident.


Shot four shows some of our front yard sparrows sheltering in the Alpine clematis, one of their favourite spots. They blend in nicely with the leaves and seed puffs, and can gain a bit of shelter from the wind. Added bonus is that the vine is in the sun for much of the day for added warmth. I count three sparrows in this shot. 

Shot five stars Gracie, the Ebon barn lady's dog, waiting patiently at the entry to the stables for her
 owner to come out, photographed this afternoon.


Patti said...

Judy, so sorry to hear about Toby. Very sad indeed. We had an adopted barn cat and another horse that were a similar situation. Difficult and heartrending decisions. And you're right it was lovely for him to have a great 10 months with people who know and love Boxers. You tried when others wouldn't.

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

Awe I'm sorry Judy.
You were a good mom. : )

That highway blizzard photo is fabulous by the way.

Take care, I wish you all the best.


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

So sorry to hear about Toby sending hugs xx

marianne said...

so sorry about toby, i am sure that you gave him the best 10 months he could have had, and also a gift in sending him on his journey, because it was done with love.

love the highway photot- brr-