Monday, November 12, 2012


Remembering those who have fought for our country was the order of the day yesterday, Nov 11th, Remembrance Day in Canada. My own focus is always on my great-uncle Gavin, my maternal grandmother's brother, mostly because I have a document that he wrote detailing many of his experiences in France and Belgium in World War I so I feel a personal connection with his wartime experiences. He enlisted as a young (late teens) farm-boy from a prairie homestead, and survived the entire length of that brutal war as a soldier in the trenches, taking part in many of the most famous and deadly campaigns in France and Belgium. He returned to the farm when the war was over, and eventually married for the first time after his retirement in his early 70s. A remarkable man all round. 

Shot one is of Uncle Gavin in his uniform. The photo was on a postcard (message at right) that he sent to his sister, my great-aunt Katie. 
 I headed across town yesterday morning to do some photos for my friend Ed (Canadian Rocking Horse) of his newest creations. Ed and his herd are heading to Calgary for a show next weekend.  Anyone in or heading to Calgary should think about attending this quality show and seeing Ed's horses in real life. It's the Art Market, at the Telus Convention Centre, Thursday to Sunday.
On the way home from Ed's I stopped off at the weir to check things out. Shot two shows some of the many berries on the riverside trees, which will no doubt be appreciated by the small birds that stick around here for the winter.

There are some Canada geese lingering in the area, but most that are still around are heading south as fast as they can. This flock was hunkered in amongst the gathering ice of the freezing river, and I'm sure they'll be heading off as soon as they are able. 

Something else to remember is that pre-Christmas art and craft sale season is upon us. I will have three pieces in the upcoming Little Gems show at the Mix gallery near Spadina Crescent in Saskatoon. This is always a quality show, with generally brisk sales, so if you think you might want to pick up some original art for yourself or for gift-giving, coming early in the show will help to avoid disappointment. 

This is one of the pieces I will have in the show, in a relatively small format printed on canvas. I haven't done a lot of canvas prints of my work, and am very pleased with the way this one came out. I hope it will find an appreciative new home over the weekend. 


Bernie said...

i was very interested to read about your great uncle. Do you share his war documents? I would love to read them - having visited many of those famous battle sites.

andrea miller said...

It is really a nice thing that you are remembering those who have fought for your country and you have shared awesome photographs, the berries on the riverside tree pictures has amazing look, and the cloudy horse editing is also looking great. Nice to read blog. Thanks for sharing.

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