Monday, October 22, 2012

An eclectic week

This week's shots are a bit on the eclectic side, reflecting the varied places my camera and I went as the week evolved.

Since we had visiting relatives who were interested, we took the opportunity to book a tour of the synchrotron (Canadian Light Source) which I had never been to since its opening in the city a few years ago. Our knowledgeable guide imparted a great deal of information about the construction and operation of the facility, virtually none of which I understood. Shot one is a panorama shot constructed from seven individual images that I took using available lighting. 

Shot two is from last weekend's shots. As I was leaving a client shoot at Ebon stables, I spotted our barn lady on her day off enjoying the lovely day with her horse and dog. It's a good thing she (and I) got out last weekend to enjoy ourselves with the horses, as this past weekend was cold and overcast, and today we have snow falling. Quite a far cry from just a week ago.

I drove home from the barn the long way mid-week for a change in scenery on a day with nice lighting, and spent some quality time at the side of a gravel road watching and photographing the muskrats as they cruised around the sloughs in the ditches. As you can see by the post and wire in this shot, at one point this area was dry pasture with a fence around it.

I caught this magpie at the back yard feeder from the studio balcony when Jim gave me the magpie alert a couple of days ago. The regional magpie population was hit hard by the first waves of West Nile virus a number of years ago, and it's only this year that I've started seeing them in numbers in the countryside, and at all in our part of the city. In addition to the sunflower heads, I'm putting out dog kibble to attract them to our yard. Years ago when I did western art shows and had stained glass artwork of magpies on display, the ranchers  always complained "those birds steal the dog food". With that information in mind, I feel it's as good a way to attract them as any.

This afternoon I had a two-person documentary film crew with me for the shooting of a Bamboo Shoots Sasktel short documentary on my work. They wanted to do the first segment in the field (literally) getting footage of me doing the horse photography that is the basis of much of my work. Since the horses and landscape are visually appealing, and since I have used these horses in a number of my art images, heading out to North Fork Gypsy Cobs seemed like the right thing to do. Owners Cheryl and Dale Nygaard were gracious as always about sharing their herd with us, so we headed off under cloudy skies and through intermittent snow to North Fork. Shot five shows Brandon the camera man with one of the Gypsy cob youngsters who was fascinated with the whole process. It ended up being a case of "the shooters shot" since I got quite a number of images of the documentary crew interacting with various herd members as we proceeded through the pasture. Fun for all. Once the documentary has been edited and is in its final version, I'll share info on how to access it.


Monika Kinner Whalen, Fibre / Embroidery Artist said...

oh my! look at that beautiful furry white horse! : )) Lovely. You always get such great shots Judy!!

marianne said...

i can't wait to see the documentary! and thanks for reminding me that magpies are beautiful- we have a bad attitude toward them around here. love your photos as always- hope winter doesn't hit too hard too soon.

Wayfarer said...

Lovely lovely shots. I always enjoy your updates and photography. They remind me of my time in Saskatoon in every way imaginable.